Mid-Worcestershire Constituency Profile 2017


The Constituency covers the majority of the Wychavon District Council area with the exception of

Pershore and the Bredon Hill communities in the south and west, and the Inkberrow County Division in the north.  Currently the constituency electorate is 74,949.


The constituency includes the two towns of Droitwich Spa (population 23,504) and Evesham (population 23,428) and 63 rural parishes. The area stretches from Hartlebury near Kidderminster in the north west to Broadway at the edge of the Cotswolds in the south east.



Historically the constituency has a liberal tradition in line with its neighbours in West Worcestershire and Stratford-upon-Avon.  John Corbett, the ‘Salt King’, was Liberal MP for Droitwich Borough from 1874 until 1892. 


More recently, local politics has been largely dominated by the Conservatives, although 17 Liberal Democrat councillors led a joint administration with 10 Labour councillors between 1995 and 1999 on Wychavon District Council.  Since then there has been a Conservative majority.  Currently there are 36 Conservatives, 5 Liberal Democrats, 1 independent, 1 Labour and 2 vacancies on the Council.


The County Council is also Conservative controlled; with 31 Conservatives, 12 labour, 6 independents, 3 Liberal Democrats, 1 Liberal, 2 Greens, 1 UKIP and 1 vacancy. 


Since the current Westminster constituency was formed in 1997, the Liberal Democrat vote has been steadily growing from 18.61 % in 1997; 18.8% in 2001 to 20.4% in 2005.  In 2010 we achieved second place for the first time with 23.4% of the vote.  The voting figures are given below with the percentage vote change for each party in the third column.


Conservative               27,770             54.5%              +3.2%

Liberal Democrats    11,905             23.4%             +3.1%

Labour                         7,613               14.9%              - 9.1%

UKIP                          3,049                 6.0%              +1.6%

Green                             593                  1.2%             +1.2%



Both Droitwich and Evesham have seen major expansion over the past 30 years.  Although 57% of Wychavon residents worked within the district in 2001, and a further 18% worked within Worcestershire, 25% commute further afield as the district is convenient for the Birmingham and Cheltenham/Gloucester conurbations.  The average household income is £37,634 whereas the average in the West Midlands is £34,000. Unemployment is currently 1.7% compared with 4.6% in the West Midlands and 3.5% in England.  However there are some pockets of deprivation in areas of the towns and some villages. 


The constituency is the location for some large businesses, particularly firms operating as major suppliers to supermarkets, growing, importing and distributing produce.  Agriculture and horticulture are still important economic activities.  Tourism is growing in importance, particularly in the south east with the nearness of Stratford, the Cotswolds and the Avon and Severn valleys.  The £12m restoration of the Droitwich Canals completed in 2011 has opened up a unique 21 mile cruising ring attracting visitors to Droitwich and the nearby villages.



The percentage of residents in the Wychavon District born in the UK remains higher than the national average.  94.8% of residents were born in the UK, 2.9% elsewhere in the EU and 2.3% were born in other countries (2011 census).  However there has been a significant growth in the number of migrants from the European Union (7,110 between 2001 and 2012) who are largely employed in the horticultural sector and the distribution centres in both towns. 





Constituency Chairman:

Margaret Rowley 01905 345307  [email protected]



Rod Hopkins 07918 166928 [email protected]


Secretary & Data Officer:

John Littlechild  01905 798601 [email protected]



Margaret Rowley 01905 345307  [email protected]


Worcestershire County Council:

Liz Tucker (Pershore Division)  01386 462441 [email protected]


Wychavon District Council

Margaret Rowley (Bowbrook Ward) 01905 345307  [email protected]

Keith Wright (Bretforton & Offenham) 07866 24816 [email protected]

Liz Tucker (Pinvin Ward)  01386 462441 [email protected]