Intelligently Green Press Release



Wychavon Liberal Democrat Group



16th June 2020


Intelligently Green Plan and SWDPR not compatible say Wychavon Liberal Democrats

Wychavon can't deliver it's Intelligently Green Plan if housebuilding continues as planned in the SWDPR. That's the conclusion of a new report drawn up by Pershore Lib-Dem Councillor Dan Boatright.

Dan Boatright says “Unless house building becomes carbon-neutral right away, the new houses proposed in the SWDPR will blow a hole in the carbon-reduction targets the council has set itself in the Intelligently Green Plan.”

The Liberal Democrats are calling on the council to face up to the contradiction between the two council policies when the Intelligently Green Plan is discussed at the Overview & Scrutiny meeting on Wednesday and at the Council meeting in July.

Dan Boatright pointed out “The two Plans need to complement one another and be consistent. At the moment they are not. Either the SWDPR needs to include policies requiring house-builders to make their houses carbon-neutral right away, or the Intelligently Green Plan needs to include higher targets for offsetting the emissions generated.”

The Lib-Dems are also highlighting the inconsistency in Government policy, which aims for carbon neutrality by 2050, but has failed to tackle poor energy standards in construction. Current Building Regulations actually stand in the way of higher standards and were much watered down in 2016, to favour house-builders.



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