Sebastien Parsons your candidate for Ombersley - County 2021

Sebastien Parsons - Your Liberal Democrat Candidate for Ombersley - County 2021

I have lived in Hartlebury for 17 years and in Worcestershire since I was 19, although perhaps because my family were farmers in Broome I feel like I have always lived here.

I am a radical centrist, keen to promote reason and fairness that makes life better for everyone. I have an enquiring and creative mind, enjoying making things that work, whether that is as a leader of a company, in a workshop with wood, or programming a computer. My career has been in business, selling natural skin care products.  I have a family with three children.

I believe that Worcestershire County Council needs more Liberal Democrat Councillors to challenge the Conservatives to keep them on their toes and make them address the issues they would rather forget – like the projected £76m hole in the budget.

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